The Dorms, Ranked

So we all know that at SMC, the dorms are not the most functional all the time- no AC, the heaters are wack, there are bats in Holy Cross... But, we are lucky enough to have dorms that aren't just cold-looking towers. Instead, we have old buildings with character, hardwood floors, huge windows and high ceilings. And that's better than AC, right? Well, probably not, but still! We're lucky to have some beautiful dorms!

That said, some are better than others. Here's my PERSONAL ranking of the dorms. All of them are great, don't get me wrong, but we all know which ones are the greatest.

5. Regina

Sorry, Reg, but you're just not that pretty. You have stone walls and sad looking tile. You're far away from everything. Your redeeming quality was that you housed the gym, but now, even that is leaving. But there was the "Save Regina" video a few years ago, and the freshmen that live there like it, so it can't be all bad!

4. McCandless

McCandless is a great place to live as a freshman- study carrels and sinks! But once you're a sophomore and you return to McCandless for a visit, it's uncomfortable. The hallways make people claustrophobic, the walls and floors are nasty, and everyone is so loud all the time. But, hey, the study carrels and sinks ARE pretty nice!

3. LeMans

I know, I must be crazy to put the castle THIRD! But, it is so hot. And it seems to have the most work orders and maintenance problems of any building. 

2. Opus

Opus is amazing. The apartments are amazing. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of them.

1. Holy Cross

I'm biased because I live here, and I'm on staff, and we have the best staff of each dorm. BUT, hear me out! The first floor entrance and parlor are absolutely beautiful and reminds me of a rich grandmother's house. The ceilings are so high. The hardwoood floors are greatly. The walls are freshly painted. It doesn't get anywhere near as hot as LeMans. And it's tiny enough that it can feel like a home.