A Definitive Ranking of Apple's Top 5 System Fonts

It’s bold of me to pretend that my opinion on typefaces matters to anyone, but I’m here to share it with you all anyway! Here is a definitive list of the top five system fonts that happened to be available on my Macbook.


5. Baskerville

This one is definitely a cutie-- a little serious, a little studious, and just the right amount of cheeky to get you through the day. The letters are all snuggled up and 100% in love with each other. It’s one of the few serif fonts that doesn’t make me feel like I’m in trouble and I love that.


4. Futura


Okay, when I started this article I thought that Futura was for real my favorite font, but I actually looked at other fonts for a long time and decided it wasn’t. Regardless, Futura knows how to work her stuff. There’s that heaviness in the lines that draws your eyes to it and honestly? She knows that she’s a look.


3. Helvetica


I’m aware that the use of this font is highly debated by font lovers everywhere, but I’m a fan. Sure, it’s plain, but plain is so so good when you do it well. This bad boy is everywhere, from NYC Subway signage to Crate & Barrel bags. Those look HOT, right?? In a minimalist way, of course, which is the hottest of all. Helvetica? More like Hell-yeah-vetica.



2. Didot

Who gave Didot permission to be looking like that? She’s hot stuff honestly and you would definitely wanna bring her home to your mother. There’s a good balance here of a great personality and amazing style. Her kerning? Beautiful. Those serifs? Stunning. Didot makes me feel like a powerful metropolitan business woman, which is fantastic considering I’m currently in bed eating Flaming Hot Cheetos and watching the Golden Girls. Peak power right here!



1. Avenir

So I know I literally just said the word “kerning,” but my god, Avenir’s kerning has me hot n bothered. Like hello! This font feels like yoga for the eyes because my stress is GONE. Before I started writing this article about an hour ago, I honestly forgot about Avenir, but I rue the time I have lived in ignorance of this spectacular specimen. Everything about this font just makes sense and I love it with all of my tiny little heart. All the subtitles in my dreams are in Avenir and honestly? God bless.