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Campus Cutie: Rachel Copley

Hometown: Whitehall, MI
Year: Senior
Dorm:  Opus Hall
What is your favorite thing about Opus?
Having a kitchen finally!  I really enjoy cooking my own food. Also a thermostat that can be controlled unlike the radiators in LeMans that refuse to turn off.
Do you have a nickname?
Raquel/Quell (for short because my friends and I can only have one syllable nicknames)
What is your favorite meal in the DH?
Sunday morning brunch
Who are your male and female celebrity crushes?
Gerard Butler and Meryl Streep
What is your favorite “girls night” movie?  
Pride and Prejudice…but also How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?
Probably Greece; who can say no to that after seeing “Mamma Mia”?
What are your thoughts on these South Bend winters?
Since I’m from Michigan they’re not totally unfamiliar to me.  However, having to walk places in the cold and brush off my car since it’s not sitting in a garage makes them kind of miserable.
What is your favorite South Bend bar?
The Backer…because where else is it acceptable to wear a tie dye shirt while dancing to December ‘63 with all of your smicks?
What is your favorite place on campus?  
The Avenue: it’s the first thing that greets me when I come back, and the last thing I see when I leave.
What is your favorite thing about Saint Mary’s?
Definitely the emphasis on empowerment of women and the variety of classes offered.  Some of the classes I’ve taken here have changed my thinking (in a good way); I think it’s due partly to the subject matter, partly to the professors, and partly to Saint Mary’s way of encouraging us grow in our sense of understanding of ourselves and the world.
What is left on your bucket list for senior year?
Too many things! Go to the bars I’ve never been to, hit up some of the restaurants downtown, take a weekend trip to Chicago, go on a winery tour, hike at one of the state parks.
What do you wish you knew when you were a freshman?
Don’t be afraid to grow in your time at SMC.  There are so many opportunities to broaden your horizon.  Go explore!
What are your plans for after graduation?
I’ll be attending optometry school at the Michigan School of Optometry…and missing SMC, my first home away from home.
Go belles!
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Kristin is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania working on her Master's in Social Work. She recently graduated from Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Kristin is from Northport, New York and played the trumpet in the University of Notre Dame Band during college.
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