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Campus Cutie: MaryClare McDonnell

MaryClare McDonnell (featured on the right, Kate Looney on the right) is one cutie that you have meet! She rocks out 100% of the time and is one of the kindest girls you will ever get to know. So boys across the street, start your Facebook stalking and start asking for her number!

Where are you from?  La Grange, IL (Chicago suburb).

What is your favorite food?  Puppy Chow!

Why did you choose Saint Mary’s?  I chose Saint Mary’s because it has a great nursing program and was a perfect distance from home. 

What is your major?  Nursing.

What is your favorite past time?  Hanging out with friends in Club 282 and going on long romantic walks with my roommates!

What is your advice for next year’s incoming freshman?  Go out of your comfort zone and meet as many people as you can.  And don’t be discouraged when you start to struggle with school.  Everything always works out and so many people will have your back. 

What was your favorite memory about studying abroad?  Meeting new friends in Ireland, traveling to so many different countries and being legal.  It was really fun being independent in a totally different continent. 

What is your favorite part of being part of the Irish dance team?  My friends on the Irish dance team have become like a giant family to me and we have so much fun practicing and performing for all kinds of shows!

What is one of your goals before you graduate?  To make it out alive…

Which Chicago baseball team is better? The Cubs or the White Sox?  Definitely Cubs!

Who is your favorite One Direction member and why?  Liam is my favorite One Direction fan because he rocks the scruff.

What is your favorite Disney movie?  My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King.

Which boy band is better? N*Sync or Backstreet Boys?  N*Sync!

Thanks, MaryClare!

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