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Campus Cutie: Kayse McGough

Meet Campus Cutie Kayse McGough! Kayse is a senior from Fairfax, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington D.C. Her academics keep her quite busy. She is double majoring in History and Communication Studies with a double minor in music and math. I have the honor of calling Kayse one of my best friends here at Saint Mary’s! Take a few minutes out of your day to learn a little bit about this Belle!


Why Saint Mary’s?

Because it’s full of women who support and encourage one another. The beautiful architecture is just an added bonus!

Favorite spot on campus:

The Inn at Saint Mary’s. The coffee there helped me push through writing my senior comp! I am also a big fan of the music seminar room on the third floor of Moreau.


Activities you are involved in:

Bellacappella, Women’s Choir, Chair of the Alumnae Relations Committee, History Club member, Feminists United club member.


What are you looking forward to after you graduate?Going to grad school at George Mason University, marrying my loving and amazing fiancé, John, and living closer to my cats.

Favorite thing about South Bend:

The amount of ranch that you can find at basically any restaurant. I liked ranch before I moved here, but now I am considering a ranch fountain at my wedding. Also the numerous combinations of foods that ranch can be mixed with. My favorite is salsa-ranch.


What will you miss most about Saint Mary’s after you graduate?The amazing friends that I have made. The time I have spent with fellow Belles is something I will always keep near and dear to my heart. Also, on a less mush-y note, the short commute time. The only reason I can do as many things as I do is because I can walk anywhere on campus in 5 minutes or less.


What is a piece of advice you would give your first year self?

Stop stressing out so much, because while you think you’re busy now, it only gets worse. Buckle up, 18 year-old Kayse. But also: to worry less. I was always concerned about whether I was taking the “right” classes or doing the “right” activities… at the end of the day, the things that I have enjoyed the most often were things I did by chance.


Would you rather….


Have a dog or a cat?

Cats! Lots of them.


Have a tropical vacation on the beach or a vacation spent hiking in the mountains?

Tropical vacation, but only if lots of sun protection is provided.


Receive chocolates or flowers?



Have a chill night watching movies or a night out on the town?

Watching movies. I am a big fan of wine nights, in Le Mans, with my fellow Belles.

Lauren is happily living life as a Communication Studies Major at Saint Mary's College. When not writing for Her Campus or studying for classes, she can be found binge watching reality TV or obsessing over Notre Dame Football.
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