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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

Catch her on campus or catch her on IHEARTSB Radio… introducing this week’s Campus Cutie, Emily Beam!

Name: Emily Beam Year: Junior Hometown: Dayton, Ohio and proud of it!!!!!

Major/minor: Double major in Communication and Humanistic Studies; minor in Public Relations/Advertising

Nickname(s): My nickname really depends on who I’m talking to. Most people refer to me as Emily, but I do get a variation of names like Em, Beam, Bean, Beamer, Vanillbeam (my social media handle), and Vanilla.

What are you involved in on campus? On campus I’m a student employee for the Office of Admission. This semester I am the Saint Mary’s Alumnae Recruitment Team (SMART) student employee. As the SMART employee, I work closely with our admission counselors and the alumnae across the country to find alums to fill in for our counselors at various college fairs when the counselors cannot attend on their own. Outside of work, I am on the Residence Hall Association (RHA) board. My position on the board is President of Formal, so I got to plan both junior/senior and first-year/sophomore formal this year with the help of other students on my committee.

Go-to dining hall food: My favorite thing to eat in the dining hall on any random day is mashed potatoes. Aside from that, personal pizzas at dinner on Friday is something I look forward to.

Favorite movie: I’m actually not a big movie person, but I love a lot of the Netflix originals (super cheesy but entertaining). The last movie I saw in theaters was Bohemian Rhapsody and I really enjoyed that one.

Favorite musical artist: This is a really tough question because I listen to a lot of music and can’t choose just one artists. My top 5 artists on Spotify last year were: Drake, Miguel, SZA, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd.

Favorite song to sing/dance to: This changes weekly, but right now I’ve been really into So Close by NOTD, Felix Jaehn, Captain Cuts, & Georgia Ku.

Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds

If you could have any celebrity as a father, who would it be?: I’ve never been asked this but probably Will Smith. I think he is so goofy and so positive. And I love how he trolls his kids online.

Person who would play you in a movie: According to Buzzfeed: Mindy Kaling. According to me: probably Saoirse Ronan; I just think she’s really talented and versatile and could probably play all the roles I feel I play in my own life (sister, daughter, caretaker, etc.)

Dunkin or Starbucks?: Dunkin’ for sure. I think Starbucks’ prices are kind of ridiculous. I still go to both anyway.

Talent you wish you had: I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano

What is something you have achieved that you are most proud of?: Senior year of high school I organized a dance-a-thon to raise money for an orphanage in Guatemala that my high school sent students to on a mission trip every year. We raised a decent amount of money and were able to pay for the education of a lot of the kids at the orphanage. Even though it was three years ago, I’m still really proud of the work we did and how we were able to change the lives of a lot of the children living in the orphanage.

Can’t live without: Sweets! I have the biggest sweet tooth ever– it’s terrible. I want ice cream literally everyday. It’s a problem I’ve been trying to control for quite some time.

Dream job: My dream job would be to just simply travel the world.

Biggest role model: My MOM!!!!!!! She’s superwoman really. She can do it all.

Life motto: Life is too short so don’t sweat the small things.

Bet you didn’t know: I have a radio show at Notre Dame! The show is called IHEARTSB Radio and it airs every Tuesday from 5-6. I co-host the show with my good friend Sam Santamaria and we make a playlist every week, but aside from that everything else is impromptu. We usually talk about music and pop culture and whatever else is happening around South Bend.

A senior at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN studying Theatre, Film, and English. An avid lover of indie films, thrift stores, and color coding. Trying to do it all, sometimes succeeding.