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Campus Celebrity: Rachel Weir


Name: Rachel Weir

Year: Senior

Major: Business

Where is your favorite spot on campus? Spes because I pretty much live there trying to finish up my comp.


What made you choose Business as a major? I am really interested in the things that can come with being a business major.


What will you miss most about Saint Mary’s? All my favorite Belles.

What would be the title of your autobiography? The Quest For The Perfect Pair of Pants: My Legs Are Too Long For This Shiz


What was your favorite part about studying abroad in Australia? Living next to the beach. I went every single day and the Aussies are super cool.


Are you looking forward to graduating early? Yes but I am a little apprehensive about my future. It is so exciting but so scary at the same time.


What are your plans for after December?  Isn’t that the million dollar question.

What is your favorite thing to do on Saturdays? Sleep.


What is your favorite food? Puerto Rican food.


What is your favorite holiday? Christmas.


Favorite song? Anything by Ellie Goudling. 

Thanks, Rachel!


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