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9 Times We All Related a Little Too Much to New Girl

It’s always hard coming back to school from fall break. From being in your warm snuggly bed at home a week ago, now you’re back on campus where you have to walk out in the cold just to get some food. All in all, its nice to see your friends, but this half of the semester tends to be more of an emotional roller-coaster than the first half! 

Luckily, we still have a month until thanksgiving so don’t stress too much! To get us through this upcoming month of exams, presentations and projects, here are some funny New Girl gifs to hopefully bring a laugh outta’ ya!!

1. When I wrote something at 2 am last night and I go to re-read it before I turn it in. 

2. My response when someone says, “isn’t that your fourth cup?” 

3. When you walk into a pull door. 

4. When you get in your feels and start thinking about graduation and leaving your friends … IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE. 

5. When you find a guy that actually seems interested in your wellbeing, is cute, is in a major that makes dollaaas, and is nice to your friends. 

6. When you go to take pictures of your Saint Mary’s ring and all you can think is. 

7. When someone thinks they can relate to how gross you are. 

8. When you turn in a paper and then the teacher goes “okay so let’s talk about the next big paper…”

9. When you go out to someplace that ISN’T fast food. 

We have to end on a dancing gif so just remember to stop if you’re stressing, take a 10 second dance break, and then keep on truckin’!!

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