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8 Things Smicks Love About Fall Break

After two months of classes, football games, and juggling extracurriculars, it’s almost time for the Belles to return home. And although we’ll miss SMC, there really is nothing as good as…

1. Sleeping in your own bed!!


2. Sleeping in and NOT having to go to class – and you get to sleep in for a whole week!  


3. Catching up on Netflix shows you started over the summer



4. Visiting friends at other universities



…and then bragging that your fall break is a week long


5. Enjoying the Fall weather – wearing big sweaters, going to the pumpkin patch, and carving pumpkins



6. Home cooked meals – not eating dining hall food


7. Spending time with family!



and most importantly…


8. Snuggling with your dog



…because Facetiming your dog just isn’t the same

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Marin Zumwald

Saint Mary's

I'm a junior at Saint Mary's College from Dayton, OH who loves labradoodle's, reading, and working out. I am studying Social Work and minoring in Psychology. I love to explore Her Campus SMC because it always reminds me how thankful I am to be a Belle, and attend such a prestigious college!
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