7 Words that Have Totally Different Meanings When You’re at SMC

1.    Belle

Before SMC: A Disney princess. She’s the one from France, you know, with the yellow ball gown. She may or may not have been your favorite princess, but she was definitely one of my favorites.

During SMC: My entire identity; I’m a belle, you’re a belle, she’s a belle, we’re all belles! I’m so proud to be a belle that I’ve started making “belle” puns, including the ever-popular “belle yeah!” and “we had one belle of a time!” Some people may think it’s overkill, but we all know it’s just school spirit.


2. The Avenue

Before SMC: Just another name for a street. Michigan Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, you get the gist. Everyone knows what an avenue is, and it’s really nothing special.

During SMC: Okay, scratch all of that. We’re not talking about any old avenue, we’re talking about The Avenue. This is my favorite street in the entire world, with it’s towering trees and long paths, this is the street that leads me to my favorite place: Saint Mary’s.


3. Le Mans

Before SMC: Just another town in France.

During SMC: #DormGoals tbh.


4. French Cross

Before SMC: Probably a cross, but one from France. (What’s with all of the French things?)

During SMC: It’s my school’s logo and I want it on literally everything I own. I would like french crosses on my shoes, on my socks, on my car, and on my dog’s collar. I want these little crosses everywhere.


5. The Ring

Before SMC: Rings are like bracelets for your fingers!

During SMC: Alright, this is the ring, everyone. This is a huge deal. Having the ring means that you are 100% a belle, that not even 1% of you is a non-belle. This ring can be spotted from miles away by fellow smicks, and they are always going to strike up a conversation about Saint Mary’s with you. Who wouldn’t want that!

6. Sister

Before SMC: A girl that has the same parents as me. I don’t have one, but you might.

During SMC: All of the girls that have played an important and special role in my life! You don’t need to share a bloodline to be sisters, contrary to what they teach you in BIO106.


7. Home

Before SMC: My house, located somewhere on the south side of South Bend, IN.

During SMC: Home is where my mind wanders to when I’m daydreaming, where I feel comfortable to pursue my passions and to follow my heart. Though I will always love my house for these same reasons, my heart belongs to Saint Mary’s College, my home away from home.