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7 Things All Smick Chicks Do

While we relish in our love for The Avenue, class rings, French crosses and monograms, those aren’t the only things that tie us together. Try to get through this list without telling me you haven’t done it all…


Jump into a large van with a blinking light on top of it to drive you twenty feet.


Resent Cushwa-Leighton for not having a bathroom on the first floor.

Try to open left door of Madeleva at least once a week, even though you know it is never unlocked.

Question why munch money is called munch money.


Contemplate how midnight breakfast became synonymous for dancing on dining hall tables and singing to Beyonce.


Forget your ID and just stand in the elevator-praying someone else either walks in or calls it.


Complain about parking even though no matter where you park it doesn’t take more than seven minutes to get anywhere on campus.

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Claire Condon

Saint Mary's

I think in Instagram captions.
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