5 Tricks For Making It Through Midterms Week, As Told By The Gilmore Girls

1.  Make coffee with your best friend.

Late nights and early mornings call for a lot of caffeine. So pour yourself that second cup (okay, maybe fifth) and show that all-nighter whose boss.

2.  Give yourself a break every now and then.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just feel like you can’t cram any more information into your brain, step back, roll your eyes a little at your text book, and take a break. Go for a run or let yourself watch an episode or two of your favorite show on Netflix. You’re not doing yourself or your grade any good if you don’t let yourself relax every now and then.

3.   Make it a habit to bring your class notes with you wherever you go.

Maybe you have some down time between your class ending at 2:50 and another one starting at 3:30. Awesome! Bring along your notes for an upcoming test or get started working on a paper outline in that time instead of sitting curled up in a Spes chair checking every social media site repeatedly. That 45 minutes can go a long way, so make the most of it and you’ll thank yourself later when you get that extra beauty rest.

4.  If you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown, call your mom. She rocks and will know how to calm you down.


Or call your best friend, sister, dad, anyone who you know will sit and listen to you complain about your paper due tomorrow and how evil your professor was to schedule homework due the day of the test. Every SMC girl around you is freaking out too, so sometimes it’s nice to get an outsider’s advice rather than getting even more freaked out by talking to your roommate. Chances are your conversation will start with listing the all the things you have to do, but both haven’t started, and will end with you agreeing to watch one more episode of One Tree Hill. So avoid that at all costs and call someone who will motivate you to stay focused!

5. And most importantly, make sure you study efficiently and try your best to stay on track.

Try to write out a schedule for the week and have a “To do” list for every day. Check it off as you go and you’ll feel more accomplished than if you wait until the night before and pull that caffeine fueled all nighter in Trumper. Remember, you’re a Belle who can do anything and everything; including acing your midterms and making it to fall break.

Good luck!!!

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