5 Songs To Help You Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

Looking for feminine power jams? You've come to the right place! Listen to the next five songs the next time you're trying to tap into your divine femininine energy!


1. Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

Hello, witchy women! Rhiannon is a divine feminine anthem. It's like moonstone for the soul. Be cleansed in a pool of moonlight and unleash your femininity.


2. Dancin' in Circles - Lady Gaga

Self care, anyone? Lady Gaga knows how to make herself feel alright on a lonely night. This song will get you in the mood to have a good time by tapping into her feminine energy.


3. Rosa - Grimes


This song embraces the gentle side of femininity, and makes us feel very cozy and comforted. Check it out if you're looking for something on the soft side!


4. Woman - Angel Olsen

This song is the opposite of rosa, in that it embraces something less comfortable... fully feeling your feelings! Ahh! (Scary but necessary-- we highly recommend)

5. In My Feelings - Lana Del Rey

There is nothing that makes me feel more powerful than listening to this song while walking down a long hallway. Yes, it's a very specific feeling, but play this through your headphones the next time you're walking through LeMans and thank me later.


Want more? Check out our Divine Feminine Energy playlist on Spotify today!