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5 Reasons To Watch Ghost Adventures

If you’re living in an old, deeply haunted building like I am, it’s probably not good to watch a show about other old, deeply haunted buildings. But, I do it anyways, and you should too! Here’s five reasons why you should check out the travel channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures today!


1. The host, Zak Bagans, is an absolute gem.


2. His friendship with Aaron is the best thing ever, even though he’s constantly making Aaron go into terrifying places alone. #AaronDeservesBetter

3. Speaking of Aaron, he’s always smiling through the pain of coming face to face with terrifying spirits.

4. You’ll have a fun time questioning whether or not the supernatural things the crew is experiencing are actually real. (Tbh the voices on the spirit boxes are sometimes just static but Zak still gets so excited)

5. You can take your minds off the real ghosts in your dorm by watching Zak and the Ghost Adventures gang get rid of ghosts in other places! (Or, get tips for getting rid of your own ghosts)


Check out Ghost Adventures every Saturday at 9 EST on the Travel Channel! Happy ghost hunting!









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