5 Priceless Traits About Lifelong Friends

In college, you’ll meet some pretty awesome people that have a significant impact on the person you become. They listen to your hopes and dreams, support your decisions, and struggle with you when you fail at #adulting. As irreplaceable as college friends are, our lifelong friends are just as incredible. They’ve been with you through it all, and they’re proven that they’ll be around forever. Here are five reasons why your lifelong friends are truly priceless.


1. They love you for who you are.

There’s no pretending with these friends. They’ve known you for so long that you don’t have to filter anything you say when you’re around them. They don’t judge you for your mistakes and they accept and love everything about you.


2. They love and support you on a daily basis.

They send you inspirational quotes just to help you get through the day. They motivate you to keep chasing your dreams, and they pick you up when you’re having an off day. They keep you grounded and help you stay focused on what’s important.


3. They genuinely care about how you’re doing.


They’ll text you out of the blue just to see how your classes are. They’ll ask you about a hard test you complained to them about and listen to you rant about your workload. They even want to hear about the memories you make while at school, and they listen to all of your funny stories. They truly are happy for you and want to see you succeed in all that you do.


4. They understand your sense of humor better than anyone else.


They tag you in relatable memes on social media. They understand your subtle humor and instantly recognize funny references to your favorite movies and TV shows. They know how and when to make you laugh and they laugh at all of your jokes, no matter how stupid they are.


5. They’ve stayed by your side through it all.

They’ve stood by you through the best and worst times in life. They’ve seen you during your awkward years and have helped you transition into an independent young adult. They connect with you on a deeper level and understand you better than anyone else. Friends from home are truly irreplaceable and they will stand by your side no matter where you go or what you do.