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5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

In the Pintrest DIY world that we all live in, we are bound to try out a craft or two to spice up our dorm so it looks like we just stepped into a PB Teen magazine. But the trick is to do this without spending all of our money! Take a look at these easy and affordable DIY crafts that I’ve done to decorate my room!  Make it your own and decorate your dorm room for this fall!


1. Mason Jars.

Not only are they great for drinking ice tea out of, but they’re also great for things like makeup brush holders, soap dispensers, and flowerpots!  Take a trip to the dollar store, buy some mason jars and fill them with stones, pebbles, small beads or cover them in glitter1 Top it off by filling them with makeup brushes, Q-tips, cotton balls, or even flowers!



2. Picture Frames

No more using tape to hang pictures on the wall of your awesome trip this summer or your friends from school. Frame them too look neat, organized, and decorative!

*Take the frames and remove the glass and back lining of the frames. Shake a can of spray paint and spray the paint over the surface of the frame edges. Let them dry, hang them up with command strips and Wa-la, you now have cute and colorful frames for your pictures that cost hardly anything!


3. Decorative Canvas

What is a dorm room without inspiration quotes, song lyrics, and some glitter? Get creative and paint or write whatever you want on your canvas!

*Cut your home state out on glitter paper and glue it to a framed canvas!





4. PomPon Ceiling Flowers

Play up your boring dorm ceiling and add some color and fun to the room by making pompon balls out of tissue paper! They are eye popping and can make any dull corner of your room look great!



5. Cork Board Jewelry Holder

Don’t let all your cute jewelry get tangled and broken in the hassle of getting ready to go out! A corkboard makes it easy to organize and rearrange your jewelry making your cute statement necklaces and bracelets stay intact for your next great outfit!



So try some these cheap and easy DIY crafts for your dorm this fall, make them your own and have fun!


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