4 Things to Do During Syllabus Week

Syllabus week may feel like a time when you can slack off before the work of the semester truly hits, but it's also a great way to get a step ahead of the semester. 

1. Read each syllabus thoroughly. 

It's important to read everything your professor provides in the syllabus. This way you won't get any curve balls thrown at you if you find out your professor doesn't curve grades or any other policies you could miss if you didn't read the syllabus.

2. Write down all the assignments in an agenda. 

Writing assignments down will force you to see when all of your classes' due dates line up. This will help you know how you should manage your time in the semester. If you don't use an agenda, highlight the most important assignments of the semester so you don't miss the big things. 

3. Buy or rent your textbooks for the semester. 

While you may be spending the first days of class going over the syllabus, it is important to get your textbooks now so you aren't catching up when assignments begin. 

4. Set up a daily or weekly schedule. 

Setting up a time table schedule will help you decide when you can work on homework between classes.