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10 Things Only Planner Obsessed People Understand

1. Options: When it comes to planner brands the list is long but through years of experience most of us can agree on these well trusted planner brands:

         Erin Condren

         Lilly Pulitzer

         Emily Ley

         Kate Spade

         Day Designer

         Passion Planner

2. Purchasing: We all know “that feeling” you get when you finally purchase your new beauty. Whether you have been deciding between two prints for weeks, or patiently waiting until the release date of a new planner set, purchasing your new planner is essentially the second round of Christmas day.


3. Organizing: Everyone has their own system when it comes to organizing their planner. Every planner fanatic knows that you NEVER insult the way someone organizes their planner. You do you girl, whatever works best.


4. Colored Pens: SO many options! I am sure just like many other planner lovers, I am constantly looking for new pens in the Target school supplies aisle. A few of my personal favorites are:

                  Staedtler 0.3

                  Paper mate Flair

                  Ink joy 0.5

                  Sharpie Pen

                  Tom bow

                  Sakura Micron

                  Pilot G-2

5. Accomplishment: There is no better feeling than crossing something out in your planner. We are all guilty of writing things down in our planner just to satisfy the need of drawing that line through those words. I will admit- I have even written down “eat lunch” just to feel productive! Seriously though, checking something off your giant to do list is a great feeling.


6. Compliments: All planner lovers know when you take out your planner to jot something eyes are drawn to your master piece. People are suddenly mesmerized by your planner. The colors, stickers, perfect handwriting…it’s a piece of art. It is nice to see other people appreciating your planning obsession, and not thinking that you are a total organization freak.  

7. Looking Back: One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is look back through my planner and see how much I have accomplished. Not only is it a reminder of how much you have completed during the year but it also triggers great memories.


8. Planner Friends: Seeing someone else with your same planner or organizing the same way you do is an instant bonding moment. You basically feel like you know them on a spiritual level. A true conversion I once had “OMG you have an Erin Condren too?! Are you a vertical or horizontal?!”


9. Panic: The moment when you misplace your planner for a hot minute or forget it at home. The world ends and the day cannot go on until it is back in the safety of your hands. Forgetting or misplacing your planner is comparable to losing your mom at the grocery store. Total disaster!


10. Love: Planner obsessed people have a love for their planner like no other. It is hard to explain, but then again I wrote this article so I think you get the point.

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