10 Fun Fall Festivities

Fall is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors before the brutal winter sets in! Check off as many items off this bucket list to keep you busy between classes and countdown until Halloween!

1) Go on a photoshoot around campus- however biased it may sound, we have one of the prettiest campuses in the Midwest, not to mention the ever gleaming Golden Dome next door and the flaming red leaves to make it that much more scenic. So whether you’ve got an iPhone or pro camera, grab a friend and get creative!

2) Try a new fall drink- if you’re like me and just tried PSL for the first time a couple weeks ago or a gold Starbucks member, switch it up! You’ll be surprised at the new delicious combos that’ll have you as a regular at LaFun.


3) Niles Scream Park- feel like taking a quick trip across the border? Grab a group and head over to Niles, MI one night if you’re up for a good scare at their haunted house!

4) Pumpkin Patches- head over to Thistleberry Farms and grab a couple pumpkins to carve for your room! They also offer four different corn mazes to solve and hayrides.


5) Sunday Picnic- pack up all your favorite goodies and a blanket and eat outside wherever (as long as it’s not on God Quad!). It’s a great way to unwind and admire the falling leaves.

6) Scary Movie Night- whether it’s Halloweentown or Poltergeist, get in the Halloween spirit and gather a group for some good thrillers.

7) DIY Snacks- pumpkin bread, caramel apples, cinnamon cookies… mmm my mouth is watering. Treat yourself after a hard study sesh girl!


8) “Boo” Your Neighbor- no, not actually harass them. Create a little goodie bag with a letter and some candy and drop it off at any door on your floor. Knock and run, but don’t get caught!

9) Leaf Art- collect colorful leaves before the lawnmowers can and get crafty! Try shaping it into your home state to make a cute craft for your room!

10) Tailgate- this one’s pretty easy considering the insane spirit South Bend has for THE best football team. If you don’t know anyone it’s a great way to jump in and meet new people! Irish fans are pretty much united in the best way possible so you will definitely be included with the die hard fans!




Photos provided by the author

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