10 Feelings You Had During Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Season 6 Premiere

After all the Twitter drama involved in the cancelation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the subsequent movement to renew it, fans knew the next season premiere would have to be toit (as Jake would say). Here is the emotional roller coaster of the season 6 premiere presented entirely in our favorite B99 Gifs [Spoilers ahead!]

1. When you find out after so much anticipation that Holt made commissioner!

2. And then five seconds later when you find out he didn't...

3. Jake calling Amy his wife!

4. When you saw Holt's new style.

5. Seeing the honeymoon montage (even with a third party).

6. Finding out about the Linetti-Boyle divorce.

7. Finding out about Gina trying to protect the Boyle family. 

8. Top Dog Terry (woof woof woof). 

9. Amy's Die Hard costume. 

10. B99's first bleeps (three in a row!)