When's The Right Moment To Go In For A Kiss?

You wanna go in for that first smooch, but you’re not sure how to tell if the other person is interested.  Would it be too awkward to ask? Some people I know feel as if asking is usually not necessary, but in my opinion, asking should be done more often when it comes to a first kiss. Also, it shows that you respect the other person. To help those who are still unsure, I have a couple do’s and don’ts of when to go in for that first kiss.


When asking is needed

If it’s a first tinder date and you’re really vibing, it’s best to ask and make sure. Some people prefer not to kiss on the first date. Even if you feel like the other is giving you the signal, it’s best to double check. 

Also it helps if the other person is too shy. 


Body Language

90% of communication is nonverbal, so pay attention to body language. Body language varies and again, if you’re absolutely unsure, it’s always okay to ask.

If their body language shows that they’re into it, slowly lean in and go for it. 


Don’t aggressively go for it randomly

Please don’t do this. Especially if it’s a first kiss. I don’t know why this is so fucking hard for some people to understand. Consent isn’t just limited to sex, it’s more than that, including kissing.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the kind of kissing where both parties give each other the green light nonverbally (ie. eye contact, leaning in, glancing at their lips).

I’m talking about people who just go for it unexpectedly. And maybe some people like spontaneity, but definitely not everyone. Going for it randomly without warning is just disrespectful in my opinion because you’re not waiting on any kind of okay sign from the other. 


Don’t use “liquid courage”

If you’re at a party setting, or just drunk in general, it’s usually not a good idea to go for it. I don’t know why, but from my experience and from other girls I’ve heard from, some guys have done this (while drunk) and it’ll usually happen out of nowhere without asking for consent. You don’t even know if they’ll like it. If the both of you are drunk and have given consent, be careful. Would you still want to kiss if you were sober?


It’s mainly all about consent. Consent is sexy!