What Other Choice Do We Have Than Being Fake?

The more that I enter society (or the grown-up world some might prefer), the more I’ve learned to put up a face on for the people I don’t enjoy having interactions with. I used to be the radical one who expressed all emotions without considering any consequences. I would’ve prefered being called a drama queen. However, with more scenes being created and more lessons being learned, I realized sometimes being fake is the best option in order to maintain peace.

To contradict myself, I do believe in the power of communication when it comes to interpersonal relationships. However, I also believe that not only does communication require skill, it is also not the key to everything. I would not consider it ideal to expose every single thought that crosses my mind. Sometimes our emotions will get the best of us. Expressing our emotions in a distress crisis without thinking twice usually leads to larger conflict.

Sometimes there is a fine line between being fake and being mature. In a lot of cases, it is a challenge to be mature while trying to maintain a peaceful situation. I would consider keeping a lot of my radical thought to myself as a less harmful way. However, there is a risk of preserving too much to an extent of not able to open up to your close ones which ultimately leads to more problems.

Often times, I catch myself being in a position where I realize that faking it is the best solution to benefit both parties (I do not mean in the bedroom). Such false realizations have lead to a subconscious response towards people with being nice and considerate even thought sometimes I don’t want to; in my own words, being fake. The result is me being naturally “fake” all the time, is an endless reinforcement of my cynicism which increases my loath towards my elf and people who had done nothing wrong to me.  

It's a toxic way of maintaining interpersonal relationship. Ultimately, I would argue one should never apply such a way of being to every single relationship they have. Why do I argue so? Many would tell me “you don’t have to do it” if being fake is torches my morals. Without being able to give the full explanation, I simply answers, “I can’t stop”. If I am being completely honest, perhaps if I decided to change my ways I would have to rebuild the majority of the relationships I have in life.

There is a fine line between being fake and being mature. Even though in lots of cases, it is challenge not to intercrossing both while trying to maintain a peaceful situation. It is certainly a cross witch I have managed to fail navigating.