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Pain varies,

Depending on the burst.

The quick snap of bubble wrap,

Use the excess for support.

The draining rupture of a vital,

You might not make it.

What do you use to heal

When it starts to peel?

Tearing you off,

Satisfyingly free.

Scared to have you near,

But in the distance

I feel the severance,

I feel my heart tear.

The burst of the century,

This will be the worst.




Everything you could’ve had,

Still up for grabs,

Seeking out evil.

Finders keepers,

Revenges reaper.

Everything that is good and bad,

I am the angel

And the devil on your shoulders.

Driving everyone mad,

Feel the control,

Gaining everything you don’t have.




To not be religious,

But to love when the church bells ring.

To constantly use that name in vain,

But to look up to the saints,

To join the choir and sing.

To want the cherub’s love,

But to see all the hate it brings.

A man in the sky cannot cure my mind,

To make me feel okay

when I feel like I have no time.


I am a second year student at SAIC, currently focusing my art practice on printmaking and writing, but I also love to make collages and experiment with video, sound, and installation. I typically like to spend my free time learning more about astrology and tarot, going out into nature, or watching a movie.
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