One of my first times hooking up with a girl

I met her at a restaurant, where she was dancing techno with her friends. My friend had left me behind and disappeared in pursuit of another dancing beauty, so I joined her group and danced with them awkwardly. She looked so happy and effortlessly cool. I tried to copy her dance moves and throw my hair back in an attempt to mask how uncomfortable i felt dancing techno. I didn’t particularly care for the genre, but it was a trending thing at the time and I had lied myself into acting like I was a raver as well. We talked about how we wanted to be artists, and how much going to classes sucked (she was a freshman in college, I lied and said I went to her school too). As it got darker and the rooftop of the restaurant turned into a bar, we grew more comfortable and danced away from her group of friends. My friend was nowhere to be seen.

I already knew she was beautiful; we had mutual interests, she wore the kind of outfits I always wanted to wear but didn’t think I could pull off. She had a short fun haircut, a tiny backpack and wasn’t wearing any makeup but her lips looked glossy anyways. Our conversation went towards boys, and it was forced because by that point we knew we were past the point of a casual conversation with a stranger. We both had boyfriends at the time.

We made out on the stairs of the restaurant, and my friend happened to turn up as he was leaving to go home. He didn’t ask any questions which was nice, because obviously neither of us were out yet. She wanted to have sex in the bathroom but I was scared to so I said no, and we walked to a fast food place with her friends. Her friend kept trying to talk to us and walk with us which made us both laugh a lot because we had this hidden secret between us. None of her friends understood why we kept making silly excuses to get up and sneak away together. In the end, she told one of her friend we were there together together. Her friend was cool with it and she smiled at us as we sat around the table and ate french fries.

We held hands a few times and I wanted to keep seeing her afterwards so I got her number down.