The Mystery Dream Of Teeth Falling Out

Almost everyone knows about the mysterious common recurring dream of teeth falling out. I happen to get them almost all the time. It can sometimes be broken teeth, teeth rotting out, or getting a loose tooth that comes out almost like it was a baby tooth. I’ve had these dreams so much that I decided to do some researching to share what I’ve found. If you’ve also been having dreams of your teeth falling out, here could be why:


Transition or change

A dream of your teeth falling out could be a symbol of anxiety of a change that is about to happen or that is currently happening. 


Loss or fear of loss

Maybe you’ve lost someone important to you recently, or maybe you’re still aching over someone you lost long ago. It could also represent something that you have lost, such as a job or a friendship.



There’s something about you that you just don’t like and it’s bothering you. This thought of yourself can take place as a symbol of losing your teeth in a dream.


You feel like you don’t have control over your life

You feel like there’s a large factor that limits you from what you can choose to do with your life. It could be your parents, school, your job, student debt, or even your friends.


You feel mistreated

You feel as if you’re not being treated as an equal. It could be in the workplace, or by your friends and family.


You’re just anxious all the time

Which is usually the reason why I have these dreams so often. This type of dream can be a form of all your pent up anxieties and worries. 


These are only meanings that I’ve gathered from the internet. There is no guarantee that these reasons could be why you’re having these dreams. If they are recurring, take a step back and find patterns that lead you to have these types of dreams. It could tell you something about yourself.