Lifestyle Changes To Save The World

I’ve put out an article before on easy ways to go sustainable.  This list is similar, but requires a little more effort. This is the “lifestyle changes to save the world” list!

  • Going zero waste!  (Or at least trying since we know how hard it can be as a college student)  It sounds so simple to go zero waste, but we unknowingly use so much plastic in our everyday lives.  Our soap bottles, bags, containers, even the plastic our food tends to come wrapped in! Investing in reusable containers, a metal straw, utensils to carry around, buying from bulk stores, and zero waste soap can have so much of an impact.  

  • Becoming vegetarian or vegan!  Although eating less meat is not always accessible to all, if you can it not only saves animals but also has an amazing effect on our planet.  Not consuming meat or animal products isn’t just about the animals and their rights. Surprisingly, the meat industry uses a ridiculous amount of water.  And crazy fact, the diet we have cows on enables them to release methane in their farts!

  • If you’d like to continue to eat meat or are planning just to reduce your consumption, do your research on where your product comes from!  Buy local, buy organic, and buy ethical. For example, Phil’s Eggs is an egg farm based in Illinois. Their chickens are cage free and are naturally fed.  Phil’s Eggs are only found in stores in the Midwest!

  • No longer buying fast fashion.  This is more of a financial change given that sustainable and ethical clothing takes more to produce.  However, you’ll be doing the world a service while rocking clothing that’ll last you years beyond fast fashion.  

  • Driving an electric car!  If have the privileged to be able to own an electric car, then why wouldn’t you?  Not everyone is a fan of public transportation or can ride public transportation (Los Angeles I’m looking at you) so driving an electric car will give you the most sustainable option out of all the cars.

While we should all be doing our part to save the world, it’s important to note that big corporations factor in hugely.  Unfortunately, we as individuals don’t always have control in such issues.

That’s our shorthand list for bigger lifestyles changes to make for your planet.  Have any suggestions to add? Message us!