Instagram Artists To Follow

Need some art inspiration? Tired of looking at art on pinterest which never credits the artist when you are looking for some new ideas? Here is a list of some unique instagram artists I’ve found. All work in various mediums.




Who’s to say that makeup can’t be art too? This artist creates unique looks with makeup inspired by everyday objects. Stunning!




Emma started off as a painter who would mainly do acrylic pouring. Now she takes her beautiful paintings to the next level by making wallpapers of them and also works with plexiglass.



This instagram is good for discovering new artists. The account is run by women who mainly share and credit female, LGBTQ+, and artists of color.




This comedian/artist makes “bad drawings of good boys,” aka boys who do the bare minimum. 




I rarely see any art accounts devoted to sculpting and mold-making except this one. Ravn Cotino is a professional sculptor, moldmaker, and resin artist in London. His galactic kitty molds are a favorite of mine.