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Getting Off Birth Control

I have written in the past about my experience on the pill and the mini-pill as contraceptive methods. Recently, I went off of hormonal contraceptive altogether after being on various methods since I was sixteen years old. Today, I want to talk about the changes I’ve experienced and how going off the pill has made me feel in general. For anyone who is considering going off their birth control- this one’s for you!



My birth control had made my acne completely disappear, which was one blessing of taking the pill. Once I stopped taking it, I started getting zits and having noticeably more oily skin around three weeks afterwards. I have bangs, and where before I would get one or two zits every other month, now I have them regularly.



This was a big concern I had for going off of birth control. It seems that I was worried for no reason because my mood didn’t change at all. I did feel extra hormonal on a few days, but this was due to the next reason…


3.Where is my period?

I still haven’t gotten my period and it’s been about two months since I went off the pill. This may sound alarming, but it can be just the body adjusting to the lack of extra estrogen in your system. I did get it checked out with a doctor just to make sure, which I recommend doing if you find that you aren’t getting your period as it can be a sign of something more serious.



My metabolism seems to be acting the same as before. I have been getting a lot of cravings for junk food, but I feel like that’s also related to my period being gone and the hormonal out-of-wack-ness that I’ve been experiencing.


Overall, it’s no big deal, and getting off birth control has made me feel really in control of my body and my fertility. It’s also been a way for me to feel more in charge of my sex life and voluntary lack thereof (something that I’ll be talking about in another article soon).


Writer, student of Visual and Critical Studies, artist in various mediums. Representing (and missing) Ecuador from Chicago. Believes in feminism, social activism and taking care of our planet.
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