A Few Things You Should Know About Taking Birth Control

I’ve been taking oral contraceptives for three years, and so far, they’ve worked well for me (besides the bad side effects such as mood swings). My periods have been less painful, I no longer have acne, and of course, I’ve never gotten pregnant. (but it’s a good idea to still use condoms even when you’re on the pill!). When I first started taking birth control, there were a lot of things I had to figure out on my own. I wish my doctor had told me about some of these  to save me from frantically googling for answers and panic. With a few of the things I’ve learned, I hope this will save those of you who are starting birth control in the future from worrying.


Your first period after taking birth control is most likely going to suck

And yes, if you switch to a different brand that will probably happen too. Don’t worry though, your periods aren’t going to be like that every month while on the pill. If you’re thinking about starting, brace yourself for some intense mood swings and painful cramps for the first month. After a couple of months, once your body has gotten used to the hormones, you’ll notice that your periods are going to be a breeze. If you’re still getting bad periods, it’s time to switch to a different brand or find another method of birth control if it’s too unbearable.


You will experience almost the EXACT same symptoms as early pregnancy when you start

I wished my doctor told me this. I was only sixteen years old, living in a red state, and thought my life was going to be over when I experienced this. Your boobs will get sore and possibly get bigger, you’ll sometimes feel nauseous, and you’ll probably gain a little weight.


Some antibiotics will cancel out your birth control

Fun fact, that was how my youngest sister came into the world. My mom told me she was on birth control and using antibiotics at the same time, resulting in her being pregnant with my sister. This is something a lot of women don’t know and doctors will often forget to tell you. You’re welcome.


You’ll be more prone to UTI’s and yeast infections

Always pee after sex! Also, some can antibiotics cancel out your birth control or make you more likely to get a yeast infection. If antibiotics aren't helping your UTI's out, you can look into a holistic doctor to ease your pain without using them.


Sometimes you’ll still miss periods

Oral contraceptives do help regulate your periods, but there’s nothing wrong with your body if you miss one. It also doesn’t automatically mean that you’re pregnant. Stress can usually throw it off even when taking the pill, but if you’re skeptical, it doesn’t hurt to take a pregnancy test to be 100% sure.


Despite a couple of these scary things I’ve shared about oral contraceptives, I can say they’re beneficial in the long run. (I definitely recommend them if you also have acne problems). Side effects vary from person to person and sometimes birth control is not for everyone. For some people it can take time to figure out which kind of birth control is right for their body. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions and concerns you have about birth control to your gynecologist and report to them any abnormalities so they can find what’s best for you.