A Few Things To Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Lost

Are my friends people I want to resemble?

This is a question I was thinking about because sometimes, likemany of us, I have insecurities regarding whether or not I’m truly a good person. I figured, if the people who like being around me are good people, I’m probably not so bad myself. Examine the people who stay in your circle and want to be around you. What parts of themselves do are they seeing in you? This also helped me cope with losing a lot of friends this year, who in all honesty, I didn't think were good people, I just thought they were fun to be around which is different.


Who are my role models and why do I admire them?

This is a good question and can often make you delve deep into what your actual priorities are. If your idol of the moment is an Insta model, ask yourself why that is. Are you wanting to feel more beautiful,rich or famous? And are these qualities you want to work towards,or are they making you feel less than?


When was the last time I was truly alone?

I asked this question to myself the other day because even though I’m extroverted, I was feeling socially exhausted. Giving yourself a full day of rest, including social media, homework and work breaks, is important and we often reserve our time for one of those three categories. Give yourself a day to be completely unproductive by your own- that’s true self care.


If the person I love most disappeared tomorrow, what would I regret not doing?

Although this question is very drastic, it helps keep me in check a lot because the people I love are also people I want to make proud. This question helps me not waver from my moral code even when life poses its challenges. For example, I would never want to be a cheater or a thief, but using this example, I wouldn’t do anything to give me this label because if the person I loved most disappeared tomorrow, that’s the lasting impression they’d have of me.