5 Survival Horror Games That Scared The Crap Out of Me

Horror movies are my go-to distress and pleasure, just as how video games can be a go-to activity for a lot of people, so when the two combine, it takes the activity another level. It was even my holiday tradition to stay home watching people playing horror games online with my parents. So, when school is getting to be too much and you need a little escape from the reality, here is a list of 5 survival horror games that that scared the crap out of me.


WARNING: all game content include intense sexual and violent content, please wisely consider before download.

**If you do not feel comfortable with the content, please check out our other wonderful articles instead.**


1.Silent Hill

The game series was first released in 1999 by Konami and developed by Team Silent. Two film adaptations were released in 2006, which received commercial success and a sequel in 2012.



The worst and most impressive component of the game is that the gamer does not have the ability to attack. In another words you can only run or hide, nothing else. 


3.Until Dawn

This horror adventure video game was developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2015. The game took inspiration from Algonquian folklore, presenting a series of choices for the characters who are exposed to the danger of being eaten by Algonquian folklore monster, Wendigo. It's a perfect demonstration of the butterfly effect.


4.Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil, also known as Biohazard is considered one of the most well-known zombie survival games in contemporary period. The most recent release took a new turn on the game as it had a more developed first-person narration and a brand new character, who had received positive feedback.



No, I am not adding this game to meet a minimum requirement of recommendations. Sims gives me chills every time I attempt to get engaged with the game. It is a reality game we play to get away from reality. If you think about it, Sims is a very dark game. It doesn't matter if you are good or bad at it, it reflects your own problems in life which you cannot escape. Not to mention the potential the gamer has due to no in-game moral limitations.