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Why Miss Honey is My Spring Style Icon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

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Ok. So besides the fact that Matilda is one of my favorite movies from my childhood, I think we all have to admit that Miss Honey was SERIOUSLY a style icon. She took the ‘doubty’ and ‘uptight’ school teacher look, and flipped it totally on its head! Her style is adorable, smart, and fresh with the perfect hint of vintage. Here are some of my favorite looks from Miss Honey, and how you can incorporate them into your spring 2020 wardrobe!


Look #1: The Perfect Spring Overalls

Cameron Smith-Summer Sunny Sunglasses Overalls City Detroit Smile Laugh
Cameron Smith / Her Campus

I am a total sucker for overalls! They are one of my favorite spring outfit essentials, and pairing them as Miss Honey did here is such a sweet look. The cute pink tee shirt Miss Honey is wearing can be substituted with your favorite deep colored baby tee (One of the biggest trends for spring 2020). You can also take her classic blue overalls and switch them up for whatever color you want. Lastly, I would take Miss Honey’s look all the way by making sure you have some bouncy curls to go with your new springtime outfit!


Look #2: Girly and Floral 

carrie bradshaw i live here
New Line Cinema
My next favorite look from Miss Honey is her long white, floral print maxi dress. This light and flowy dress is the perfect item for spring. It is adorably paired with some tennis shoes and ankle cut white socks (totally something we have been seeing make an appearance in 2020 #DadSneakerVibes). Her simple gold jewelry adds the perfect touch of shine, by still keeping up with the minimalism of the overall look. Lastly, to give the outfit some more girliness, Miss Honey added a red ribbon tied up in her hair. This is completely on trend with the current hair scarf/bandana craze going on right now. 


Look #3: Pink with Gold Accents

My last favorite look from Miss Honey is her long pink dress. The dress is loose in nature but has structured details such as the collar, sharp shoulders, and nipped in waist. Miss Honey elevates the rich pink in the dress by adding gold jewelry, with the long locket necklace and simple bracelet. She also has dainty gold earrings to match. One of my favorite things about this outfit is how Miss Honey styled her hair. Her hair is neatly tucked behind her ears and flipped outwards (A trend getting very popular lately and predicted to stay long into 2020). I love this look and think it is the perfect combination of professional and fun!

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