Why Everyone in College Needs A Little Bit of Every "Friend"

Each of the characters in the TV show "Friends" has something to offer.  Here's why, as college students, we all need each of the "friends" in our lives!


Rachel is flirtatious and vivacious. She is the part of you who wants to impress people and make a lot of new friends.


Monica is a perfectionist who is very competitive. She always wants to win or be right. She is the part of you who wants you to do your best in college and give it everything you can.


Phoebe is fun, quirky, and carefree. She is the part of you who wants to try new things, get involved, and have fun in college.


Joey never gave up on his acting dream! So according to him... NEITHER SHOULD YOU (GIVE UP)! He is your perseverance and the push that keeps you going even when you have a lot of studying and stress.


Chandler is the jokester of the group. He is the part of you that needs to laugh and not take everything so seriously. Although studying, sports, jobs, etc… are important, so is your well-being! Live like Chandler by laughing and having fun every once in awhile.


Ross a very smart and accomplished guy. Although sometimes annoying, he is someone you want to be, an intelligent college graduate. He may not always have the best luck in marriage, but he has the brains! So like Ross, give yourself a pat on the back for all that you’ve accomplished and keeping working for your future.