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If you have never seen New Girl, you should stop reading right now and head over to Netflix to binge-watch the seven-season series. Seven sounds like a lot, but it is not enough. The episodes are 30 minutes long, and it instantly becomes a comfort show (like Friends to some people). Most New Girl fans loves every character, but everyone has their favorite, which usually reflects who they are as a person.


It’s Jess

If your favorite character is Jessica Day you are unique, crafty, authentic, and charming. Like Jess, you may also have the tendency to micromanage, be a little awkward, and be indecisive. I am not saying you have a vintage handbag collection and a night peanut drawer, but you’re definitely creative and probably selfless. You most likely make plans and arrangements for your group of friends and want to make sure everyone is having a great time as you planned. Above all, Jess is a great character!


Nick Miller, Nick Miller from the Streets of Chicago

New Girl Nick Miller Frustrated GIF
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Like most fans of the show, you most likely fell for Nick Miller, or he was your favorite. Nick is realistic, possibly too realistic, which stunted him from dreaming. He redeemed himself from this behavior by being funny and having a sense of humor. His character was loyal, but never was good at taking care of himself. If Nick Miller is your favorite character, you put others first, and you may not always believe in yourself. Change that! Nick Miller is extremely sarcastic throughout the show, a great quality I am sure you also possess since you enjoy his jokes! Above all, Nick Miller is great at reading his friends’ emotions, though he is not great at understanding his own. Nick Miller’s personality is a great one to have; and if you end up becoming a famous writer like him too, that is even cooler!


We Built this Schmidty

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Everybody loves Schmidt. If Schmidt is your favorite… that can mean one of two things. You either realize you are just like him, or you don’t. It is better to embrace it. If you like Schmidt you prefer things done a certain way, your way. You like things organized, clean, and in your control. Some may call you a perfectionist. Beneath all of that though, you’re a lover and a great friend/partner. Even if you have to throw a few bucks in the d-bag jar.


Winnie the Bish

New Girl Nick Miller TV GIF
Giphy / Fox
If you like Winston, you feed into his childlike qualities. You are a loyal friend, but you can be a little oblivious. This coincides with your reserved self-confidence that may often be overshadowed or dominated by others, portrayed in the show with Winston living in the loft. Like Winston, you have a big heart. If you like Winston, you’re a cat person. Maybe not as big of a cat person as he is, I don’t think anyone can be that big of a cat person, but a cat person, nonetheless.



New Girl Nick Miller Emotional GIF
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Even though his appearance in the show fluctuates by season, Coach can be some people’s favorites. Coach has a strong, dominating personality. He is not afraid to take charge, hence why he takes his place right back where he left off when he randomly returns to the loft, you may do the same. Underneath all that toughness, is a soft, caring man. Maybe you hide your soft side too. He is not all business though, Coach is funny, and great with advice.


My Beautiful, Beautiful CeCe

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Even though CeCe is Jess’ best friend, they are not the same. CeCe is true to herself and confident while also being selfless and understanding of others. These are amazing qualities that can outweigh her tendencies to be judgmental, even though she is only trying to help. If you’re like CeCe, you’re always down to help your best friend and give great advice. Where there is a Jess, there is a CeCe right there next to her!

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