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What Disney Classic Are You Based on Your Style


If you’re the extra one in the friend group Hannah Montana

This one is for all the ladies who show up in a fur coat when your friends tell you to dress casual. No matter how old you are you’re always going to freak out about that secret closet Miley had.

I mean, come on. If you have ever had a birthday party that involved you getting the limo out front, this one is probably you. You’re naturally attracted to sequins, and you are NEVER afraid to rock a bold new trend and we are all here for it.

If you’re a Boho Babe : Wizards of Waverly place

You may not be a wizard but you are definitely not a basic. You have no problem doing your own thing and being a little different, and the way to your heart lies within Free People.

 Your style doesn’t change with the trends, you’re a true gypsy at heart who dresses how she feels and does as she pleases. You might even be a bit of a rebel at heart like our favorite wizard Alex, and you definitely have some of her confidence!


If you’re a Total Prep : Cory in the House

If you catch yourself sporting boat shoes on land, this one is probably you. Your style inspo includes a long list of First Ladies, and you love the perfect amount of structure in your life AND in your clothes.

You rock pastels in the winter when everyone else is sporting all black ensembles and you know that you can never look bad in a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress. Whether in your Oval Office or not, you know that every day feels just as good when you are rocking a vineyard vines shep shirt!

Shannon Sweeney

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