Ways To Have Safe Fun In College During COVID-19

Themed Parties:

Since the start of this year my suite and I have been dedicated to making our weekends fulfilled with creativity and opportunities to dress up. Therefore, we put together a list of themed parties we can host in our suite with our “family unit.” This way we can all stay engaged and be held accountable to not wear the same set of sweats seven days a week. Before the weekend begins we decide on a variety of themes that bring inspiration to us. For instance, we have put our own spin on themes like jungle, “black out,” aspen ski resort; along with white lies and the 2000s. Coming together and finding creative ways to dress up similarly has brought us closer together as a suite. For more ideas on themes to implement, Tiktok and Youtube have brought us much inspiration.

Anna Shvets via Pexels

PowerPoint Nights:

The PowerPoint night has been a consistent trend over social media, while allowing friends to gather together whether in person or over platforms like Zoom. Each person in the friend group has the capacity to create a Powerpoint presentation based on their sense of humor; the topics are completely unlimited! For example, it is popular to do the presentations on past significant others, cartoon characters, inside-jokes between friends, or funny facts regarding the specific person. This interactive activity makes it easy to feel connected to one another while enhancing humor and creativity. 

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Drive in Movie(s)/Concert(s):

Being a popular activity prior to the pandemic - Drive in activities have always been a hit, especially among college students. While everyone enjoys Netflix marathons, it is fun to have an excuse to leave campus safely with your family pod while watching a popular film outdoors! I have experienced a variety of old-fashioned outdoor movie theatres; where they bring the whole experience to you through refreshments and interactive activities. I would highly remmomend seeking out specific places of interest around your college campus, especially when warmer months emerge. 

colorful Photo by Jakob Owens from Unsplash

Sunset/Sunrise Adventure:

As a huge beach bum from the ocean state, I have always been a passionate sunset/sunrise chaser, especially near the ocean. Being amid nature has been an element of life that has not significantly changed due to the pandemic; thereby, taking a trip with friends to see a sunset or sunrise is an enjoyable, free of cost activity to do safely! This super casual yet peaceful idea is best accompanied with takeout food, a camera, and a warm blanket; you will never be disappointed under pastel skies!

three silhouettes in orange sunset Photo by Levi Guzman from Unsplash  


Family Pod Dinners: 

Due to some restrictions among dining halls, college students are finding themselves much more reclined to their dorm rooms or suites. Not to mention, with the excessive snow, sometimes it is ideal to stay indoors and enjoy a home-cooked meal with friends. In my suite, we make an effort to have dinners together in order to catch up and further bond. Being that cooking has become such a quarantine hobby, it is never a bad idea to have a fancy or casual dinner with your family pod in comparison to risking going out to dinner or heading to the dining halls. For example, during the superbowl we made a delicious nacho table, while also frosting cupcakes for Valentines day. Ideas like “taco tuesday” or “meatless monday” could be fun ways to spice up (no pun intended) the quality time everyone is spending together. 

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Overall, though these times can seem everlasting, there are so many ways to stay engaged and connected within our social groups/networks. It starts with a positive mindset and creativity, but there are so many covid-friendly ways to make the most out of each and every day amid the pandemic. I hope at least one of you found this useful or entertaining, and I encourage you to take some ideas into consideration as we stop the spread together!