The Veg at SHU

Ever find yourself in a SHU dining hall hearing complaints about the food? I’m sure these complains are not about the quality, rather they are about the selection. The VEG can end those complaints. The VEG will be new to Sacred Heart and is formally known as the Vegan/Vegetarian Enthusiasts Group. There is a large population in the Sacred Heart Community who live the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, and this population is growing. The selections are fine for those who abstain from meat, eggs, dairy products and other processed foods but now it is time to really inspire and infuse the endless food possibilities into the SHU dining halls. One who is enthusiastic about the plant based lifestyle needs more to fulfill the proper nutritional levels a growing college student needs.

The VEG is a group of vegan/vegetarian people in addition to those who are interested in incorporating cruelty free nutritional foods into their diet as well as educating the SHU community about the animal products we should not buy into. We are an enthusiastic group looking to teach the SHU community about all the tasty alternative food options available. The dining halls have done a great job incorporating vegan/vegetarian foods but this group will do more than just bring more options to campus, it will be a group to educate students and faculty about what it means to be vegan or vegetarian.

Different from any club on campus, VEG is before it’s time. The meat industry is dying, literally, and the waste generated from that lifestyle is unhealthy. Here at VEG we strive to pursue the importance of the plant based lifestyle not only for one’s health, but for the animals and the world. Educating the SHU community about the dangers of investing money into the meat industry, and how one can help save the animals born into the meat trade, and better the earth are some of the main points of focus for the group. VEG will work closely with SHU Dining to help make suggestions, and reach our goal to have a complete VEG buffet in both Linda’s and 63’s at all times. If plant based options are out of sight, they are out of mind, so the importance of VEG will be promoting healthy vegan options for SHU students.

As of today, I have been a girl thriving on the plant based lifestyle for 15 years. To those who want to argue that veganism is pointless and our conscious choice to stop investing in the meat industry is not doing anything for the greater good of the world, to that I say, I have saved 11,250 dollars by not purchasing any form of animal products. I have stopped 2,970 animals from being produced for slaughter. And, over 2,400 gallons of water is used to produce one pound of meat so you can do the math. But, hopefully buy spreading awareness through VEG at Sacred Heart, one day no one will have to calculate how horrible it is to kill an animal. I hope that students will join the group and you can follow the instagram page at @veg_shu and feel free to reach out for more information concerning the club! We would love for everyone to join. We are aiming for our first meeting to be the week after Thanksgiving break so stay updated through the instagram account.