Trendy & Affordable Online Shopping Sites

It's 2017- who has the time to physically go to the mall and rummage through the never-ending racks of clothes? Certainly not me. Which is why online shopping is where it's at!  College is the perfect time to experiment with your style and try out what’s new and trendy.  Online shopping makes that so easy, it's addicting, and it doesn't break the bank either! Here’s a few of my favorite online stores that every fashionista should know. 

1) Tobi:   

Tobi adds a ton of new styles and trends every single day. It’s an affordable site so no need to worry about that super cute outfit being expensive. You’ll be sure to find cute styles, especially for the Spring. Plus, you get 50% off your first order! 

2) Romwe: 

Romwe is another site to find unique trends! Everything ranges from around $5 to $80, so let's hope your bank account can keep up! My roomie just ordered a super cute and trendy bathing suit for Spring Break from this site for just $15! Romwe is a must that every girl should check out! 

3) SheIn: 

SheIn is my latest addiction. I recently discovered this site when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and it popped up as one of the ads. I instantly checked it out and haven’t stopped looking! They have the cutest tops, just in time for darty season; fun sunglasses to go along with a flowy spring dress, and to finish off the look- the perfect sandals! SheIn is super affordable for us college girls, so you’ll be able to get everything your heart desires without breaking your bank account. I literally want everything on this site. Definitely take a look for yourself to see what I mean!

4) Boohoo:

Looking for that perfect top for a summer night out in the city? You’ll be sure to find it on Boohoo. Boohoo has the hottest outfits that will catch that special someone’s attention the second you walk in the room. Plus, Boohoo has new deals every single day that reach 70% off! I haven’t personally ordered from them but my besties swear by it. I’m definitely adding this one to my list to try, and you all should too! 

5) Missguided: 

Missguided has that 50% off student discount we are all looking for! From what’s new to what’s on sale, this site definitely does not disappoint! Everything from the perfect everyday outfit, to that little black cocktail dress you’ve been looking for everywhere. You can’t pass up these amazing deals that they have every day! 

6) Lulus:  

Looking for a dress for a special occasion? Lulu’s is your one-stop-shop! Whether you’re in need of a simple summer dress, a birthday extravaganza dress, or maybe a formal dress, they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for! Of course, then you’ll also have to find the perfect shoes to go with your new outfit, and you'll find them on Lulu's as well. This is certainly a site you can’t miss! 

These are just a few of the many trendy, stylish, and affordable sites to find all your fashion must haves! Looks like you’re going to have to find some extra room in your already over stuffed college closet! Happy shopping ladies!