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Transferring Schools: As Told by Friends

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, but what are you supposed to do when you feel like the college you are attending isn’t the right fit? Deciding to transfer schools is a hard and big decision, by this time you may have already been through one semester or even two years at your current school! The thought of having to start all over again is scary yet refreshing at the same time. The best advice I could ever give is that although starting over can be scary, it could also be the best thing you ever do. Transferring colleges for me, was one of the hardest, most stressful, and a challenging decisions I had to make; but I do not regret it one bit. Here are some things transfer students feel as told by Friends.


1. Finally deciding to transfer then having to break the news to your parents.

This was a big decision to come to and you may feel hesitant to make this big decision. What makes it even more stressful is having to break the news to your parents.



2. When you tell your parents the news and they are supportive of you.

You may have been nervous to break the news to your parents about transferring, but you’ll be relieved to know that they probably already knew you were unhappy at your former college and are supportive of your decision to make a change. 



3.Realizing you have to figure out how to go about transferring.

Most of the time when students come to the conclusion that they want to transfer, they know where they want to transfer too. However, for those who do not know where they want to transfer it’s like being a junior in high school all over again.



4. Telling your friends at your old school that you are leaving.

This has to be the hardest part, you made such great friends at your former school, the thought of leaving them is sad. But ultimately, they know that you are doing what is best for you, and you promise to visit each other!



5. Saying goodbye to your old school even though it doesn’t mean much to you anymore.

By this time, you are so ready to leave and are so excited for your new school! You are finally ready to start attending another college.



6.  Getting accepted into your new school.


7. Realizing you won’t know anyone at your new school.

Sometime after getting accepted realization starts to set in and you realize that you’ll have to make new friends and figure out where all of your classes are.




8. Going through withdrawals of your old school and missing all your friends.

The idea of pretty much being a freshman again is scary and knowing you’ll have a hard time making new friends will bring back how much you miss your old friendships.





9. Finally finding your niche and knowing you made the right decision!

When deciding to transfer you went through many ups and downs, and although you miss your friends and the connections you made at your old school, you now have new memories to look forward too!


Transferring happens to the best of us and I hope if you have already transferred or are planning on making the move, it is the best alternative for you. 

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