Top 5 Essentials For a Beach Break

As the warm weather increases, so does the pressure to do well in school and finish out the semester strong. However, we can’t help daydreaming about spending these nice days at the beach, kicking it back with our toes in the sand. Lucky for us Sacred Heart students, we have Penfield and Jennings beach just a short car (or SHUttle) ride away. So just as finals are creeping around the corner we have to remember to take some time for ourselves to keep us from spending the end of the semester in the uncomfortable chairs of the library. Whether you want to bring your books to relocate your study spot, or just take a mental break and chill by the waves, you don’t want to forget anything in your room. Here are our essentials for the perfect beach break: 

1. Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen.

Nothing is worse than going out to the beach to try and enjoy yourself and returning with a burn as red as our school’s crest. Remember these things so you can be comfortable while studying… well… as comfortable as you can be while studying for a final for a class you were forced to take.

2. Water.

We’ve heard it before: stay hydrated. Although cliché, you really should drink tons of water when you’re at the beach. And no, just looking at the ocean doesn’t count. We don’t go to the beach just to become dehydrated and pass out on the sand. Plus, drinking water is good for your skin. Zac Efron drinks water, and we all know how good he looks.

3. Speakers.

What’s better than laying out on the sand with your best friends in 75 degree weather, with an ice cold drink? Just add music. With all the new music coming out for summer, it’s great to have a speaker to play it all and sing along with your friends. Plus, listening to music is just relaxing; or it can get you hyped up. Whichever music you prefer, the beach is the perfect place to learn all the new songs.

4. Food.

Chances are you’re going to be at the beach for a few hours. You’ll get hungry, especially sitting in the sun all day, so make sure you stock up on the snacks. Great beach food includes fruit, sandwiches, pretzels, Skinny Pop, veggies, nuts, and pretty much anything else you can find at any convenience store along the way. Try to avoid salty snacks that will make you feel bloated, because feeling bloated can put a damper on your whole beach day. Also make sure it’s something that won’t melt or go bad in the sun: there’s nothing worse than ice cream soup.

5. Activities! 

Whether it be a volleyball, a baseball and mitt, or a football, it’s good to take a break from all the laying around and tanning to get up and run around a little. Not only is it good exercise, but it’s fun! Even if you’re no good at sports, it’s fun and freeing to run around on the beach with your friends and play a game outside of your comfort zone.


Happy beaching, SHU students.