Top 10 Reasons You'll Miss Your Roommates This Summer

There are only a few people in this world that fully understand you. When you find them, keep them close and never let them go! For those of you that are lucky, some of those people are your roommates, the people that you spend every waking moment with. They’re the people that will never judge you no matter what you’ve done. They’ll be your biggest supporters through everything. You depend on them more than anyone else and when summer’s here, you’re not sure what you’re going to do with them by your side every second. 


1. Having someone that will always be down to get late night food.

Whether it’s taking a quick trip to the 24-hour diner at 1am, or waiting on the McDonalds drive thru line for that M&M mcflurry, it’s just way better with your roomies by your side.

2. Going out together.

Let’s be real: it’s just not the same when you’re at home getting ready to go out. Your pregame with your roomies is half the fun! Sometimes it’s even better than the actual party. 

3. Having multiple closets. 

Sure you’re gonna miss your roomates, but their clothes definitely come in a close second. 

4. Having someone to always listen to your stories that have no real point. 

You know that snapchat that you just received that really isn’t anything special, but you just need to share with your roomies because why not, they’re your roomies? It’s their job to at least pretend to be interested. 

5. Making stupid decisions together.

Hey, all you can do is laugh about it, right? Waking up the next morning after a night full of stupid decisions is something you’ll miss the most about living 5 feet away from someone. 

6. Always having an honest opinion.

Whether it’s asking if that boy is worth it, if you look fat in an outfit, if you should go to that party or stay in and study, your roommates will always tell you the truth even if its not want you want to hear.

7. Always having someone to hang out with.

You’ll never be completely bored and alone when you have your roommates. No matter if you’re just sitting in your beds staring at each other, or actually getting up and going somewhere, you can always count on them to be there.

8. Having someone to force you to go to the gym.

You won't have anyone to force you out of your bed to work out when your home. You’re each other’s personal trainer.

9. Life chats at 2am.

There’s no one like your roommates to have a heart to heart with at 2am as you all daze off into sleep. Realizing you all don’t know what you’re doing or what you want to do for the rest of your life makes you feel a lot better. 

10. Doing absolutely nothing and everything together. 

There really isn’t a time when you’re not attached to your roommate’s hip. Doing nothing is just way better when you’re doing it with you roommates. They’re your family and you wouldn’t survive without them.

Summer’s here, and as much as we’re excited to soak up the sun, we’re going to miss the people we have spent every second with for the past 9 months with. But, it’s okay because once you all reunite, it’ll be like you never left each other. 

Roommates forever.