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Are you in need of new beauty secrets? Here are 10 of Sacred Heart Universities favorite get beautiful-tips.


Secret #1- Ran out of makeup remover? Use baby lotion!

This will take off your make-up, especially clumped up mascara.


#2 – Save Your Mascara Wands!

Don’t throw away your Mascara wands after they are finished. Wash them and save them. They can be used as an eyebrow brush.


Secret #3 – Tweezing Tips

To help reduce the irritation and redness from tweezing, soften you skin before tweezing by dabbing a cotton ball with warm water around your eyebrow area. When you start tweezing, pull out the hair with a single motion going in the same direction as the hair is growing.


Secret #4: Don’t Pump Your Mascara!

When attempting to get mascara out of the tube, do not pump the wand (moving the want quickly in and out of the tube). This creates air in the tube, which dries out your mascara, and pushes the mascara to the sides of the tube. Instead, move the wand in a circular motion inside the tube before removing.


Secret #5:  No Nail Polish Remover? No Problem!

Lightly apply a coat of clear nail polish on top of the nail polish you want to remove. While still wet, wipe off you nail and you nail will be nail polish free. Tip: Never have chipped nail polish. Either have no nail polish or fully painted nails.


Secret #6: Freeze Your Eyeliner

Instead of fixing your eyeliner after it crumbles while applying, try this trick!

Put your eyeliner in the freezer 15 minutes before use. This will allow your eyeliner to glide on your eyelid smooth and easy.


Secret #7: Want Your Eyelashes To Curl More?

Slowly, move your hair drier back and forth over your eyelash curler for 5 seconds. Let your eyelash curler sit for 2 seconds. Carefully, curl your eyelashes. The curler will be extremely hot at this point. Use your judgment to determine if you need to allow the curler to cool off a few more seconds before moving to your eyelashes.


Secret #8: Cellulite Got You Down?

An easy way to reduce cellulite is right at your fingertips. After taking a warm shower to open your pores, rub coffee grounds all over your problem area. If needed, wrap with plastic wrap. Leave on for 20 minutes, and then wash off.


Secret #9: Funky Feet?

An easy way to eliminate unwanted foot odor is to completely dry your feet after coming out of the shower. This includes drying in between each toe.  Also, using hand sanitizer on your feet will eliminate the unwanted bacteria.


Secret #10: Bye Bye Greasy Hair

Running late and don’t have time to shower? Put a little bit of baby powder in your hair (by your roots) to reduce the grease in your hair. This is a temporary fix that can be used anywhere.

Tip: Keep a small bottle of baby power in your bag.


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Shannon Muscara

Sacred Heart

Shannon Muscara is a junior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Fashion Marketing as well as a minor in fashion design. She is set to graduate in 2015 from Scared Heart university. This will be her third consecutive year on the Dean’s list at the university.  Shannon is currently residing in Fairfield,Ct, where she attends school, but her hometown is Mahopac, NY. When she isn’t studying for class, Shannon enjoys hip hop dancing on SHU FORCE Dance Ensemble (currently SHU Dance Ensemble) where she holds an executive board position as secretary. Since joining the ensemble her freshman year of college, her passion for dance has soared, pushing herself to be a stronger dancer. Shannon is also involved with her school’s Fashion Club where she holds another executive board position as community outreach chair. As a member of Chi Omega Sorority, Shannon has helped Make-A-Wish foundation raise money to grant wishes for children with life-threatening medical illnesses.  Shannon lives her life as a positive role model and is inspired by the following quote. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” - Eleanor Roosevelt 
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