Thoughts as I Enter Senior Year of College

When I graduated high school, I was so pumped to go away to college and meet new people, change my routine, and start taking classes for my future career. But, in the blink of an eye, I am now closing in on the last weeks of my junior year. Where does the time go?

As finals come to and end and my summer full of work and grad school preparation begins, I constantly wonder how I made it to this point! As a freshman, I vividly remember thinking about the three years ahead of me, what I would accomplish, who I would meet, and what I would enjoy studying. Now, as a junior, I have found my people, accomplished WAY more than I expected, and even have formed opinions I never thought I would have formed. I even sit on the Executive Council of my sorority, when senior year, high school Nina swore she would never be “one of those girls”. College has changed me as a person, for sure. I found out who I really am, and I have been enjoying every bit of it.

As I enter my senior and final year of college, it is hard to swallow that this time next year, I’m closing this wonderful chapter. Through all the long nights studying, the coffee breaks, the parties, the tears, and the many, MANY laughs, Sacred Heart has changed my life and I do not think I’ll ever be ready to say goodbye to this campus, the people on it, and the professors that have impacted me in more ways than one. But thankfully I have one more year left, and I’m going to spend it with the people that I love, doing what I love.

Once a pio, always a pio!

And even though these college years don’t last forever, the memories sure will. So, if you’re reading this, make the most out of your college years. Live with no regrets, smile often, and tell as many people as possible how much you love them. Remember, you are in the place you wished you were in just a few years ago! Cherish every moment, and never take these years for granted.