Things to Remember as you say Goodbye to One Chapter of your Life and Start a New One

              As the end of your final semester begins to come to a close and the countdown in Red’s dwindles, the fear of saying goodbye to the place you have called home for the past four years can begin to take a toll on your emotions. It’s important to remember a few simple things that can make saying goodbye to one chapter of your life and starting a new one a little bit easier.


You’re not alone:

 As your friends start to get offers for full time jobs after graduation and others begin to make decisions on where they’re going to graduate school, feelings of stress and anxiety can begin to creep up on you. You may feel like you’re the only person that doesn’t have a plan yet. You’re not!!

While it may not be talked about much, there are plenty of others that are in the same exact position as you. All of your hard work and all the time you have invested into getting this degree will pay off. Trust that things will work out – just give it time.

In the meantime, know that there are so many others in the same exact situation as you.




Decisions don’t always come easy:

Making these decisions on whether to accept an offer, choosing which program to attend, or deciding whether or not to potentially move across the country for a job is not easy! These life altering decisions can be hard to make.

When you feel unsure on what to do, reach out to people for advice. Make a pro and con list of your options, and if worst comes to worst flip a coin. Flip a coin?! Yes. Flip a coin. When the coin is at it’s highest peak, you will know which decision you want it to land on. If you’re feeling upset with the side the coin landed on, you know that option is not for you.

Trust me, it works.



Some things are worth the wait:

As our final semester sadly draws to an end, there are a lot of lasts we will be facing. One of the hardest lasts we will have is your last few nights surrounded by your friends that became roommates, and roommates that became your best friends, your go-to people, your sisters.

Thinking about not seeing them everyday, the late night ice cream runs, getting ready for a girls night out with your favorite jams playing, and the vent sessions where you end up reminiscing on how far you’ve all come over the years all coming to an end can hit you pretty hard. As you leave for the summer to take on your next chapter in this journey along life, remember to think of all of the memories and laughs you’ve made along the way, and know that some things are worth the wait.

While you may not reunite with your besties for weeks, maybe even months, or who knows maybe you won’t see them until Alumni Weekend, waiting that long to reunite will make it so much more exciting and will make you cherish that time and the memories that much more.



Our years have turned to months, and months have turned to weeks.

As graduation rapidly approaches and we close one chapter of our lives to begin a new one, it’s easy to feel consumed with feelings of stress, anxiousness, and sadness.

Just think back to when we were nervous freshman heading off to start our college journey.

Looking back now, we created amazing memories, shared lots of laughs, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s scary to say goodbye and start a new chapter of our life, but as the quote goes, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?”.

 Adventure is out there, go capture it.