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The Social Media Trend: How to Become “That Girl”

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The “How to Become ‘That Girl’” trend has quickly taken the social media world by storm. Whether you are on Pinterest, Instagram or Tik Tok, you can’t help but come across this productivity trend. “That Girl,” is the quintessential girl who is always on her game. She starts her day bright and early, eats a nutritious breakfast, perhaps some avocado toast or an acai bowl. An element to her morning routine includes drinking hot lemon water which is good for inflammation and cleanses the system. She then meditates, does some journaling, says her daily positive affirmations and heads off to the gym by 8 a.m. After her workout, she immediately focuses on finishing her school work. Her to-do list is specific and detailed down to the minute. “That Girl,” is able to perfectly balance her social life, exercise regime, academics, work, as well as family life, while still maintaining a healthy mental state. The trend sounds harmless in nature but once you dig a bit deeper you find the detrimental flaws of how it can negatively affect those who are viewing the trend on social media.

Through this trend, people can feel inspired to be more productive with their time. There are many videos that are informative and educational where they teach others how to make achievable to-do lists. Then, there are some videos that give advice on how to stay motivated so you are able to follow through with your daily tasks. “That Girl,” shows her best wellness and workout tips and wears workout outfits that are aesthetically pleasing that everyone wishes they had for themselves. The “That Girl,” trend displays easy recipes and “What I Eat in a Day,” videos that are healthy and nutritious so you can incorporate what they make into your own meals. These are some of the beneficial aspects of this trend that are healthy and helpful ways to improve your productivity. 
However, “That Girl’s” life seems almost picture perfect. It gives the impression that she has everything together and it’s easy to be just like her. “That Girl,” then becomes the girl you wish you were. This is where the toxicity sets in and you try to become someone that isn’t you. This trend only shows images of super thin women with flat stomachs and an extreme exercise routine. Everyone’s body is different and different people require different workouts that work best for them. Even if everyone did the same workouts and ate the same diet, our bodies would still look different. You begin to believe that you must do everything “That Girl,” does in order for you to be happy and have a good “aesthetic,” life. Most of the people viewing the trend on social media are young impressionable teenagers. This is an age where young women’s bodies are changing rapidly. This is why this trend should represent women of various body types because healthy does not mean just one body size and shape. Waking up early, drinking a green smoothie and exercising every day does not make someone their best self and it will not ameliorate all of your problems. I hate this notion that society has created— if we have a strict and flawless routine, then we are deemed worthy. This idea is damaging to our mental health. We are all human, and we all have days that we feel down and days we make mistakes. You do not have to change everything about yourself to become your best self because that is not living authentically. “That Girl” is just, “That Girl,” she is not you. You continue to be you because you are rare! You are your best self when you are growing and learning through your own mistakes.

Laura LoBello

Sacred Heart '22

Hi! My name is Laura LoBello and I'm a senior at Sacred Heart University pursuing a degree in Media Arts with a minor in Advertising and PR. I'm grateful that HerCampus gives young women the opportunity to express themselves creatively and I am delighted to discuss topics I am passionate about through this platform.
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