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Summer Bucket List: 18 Things To Do This Summer

Summer is finally here!

The stress of the school year is gone and so is the cold weather! It is time to slip on the bikinis and work on that tan. Unfortunately, there are only a few short months to enjoy so you must make the best of it! Sacred Heart Her Campus has graciously provided you with 18 things to put on your summer bucket list. What is summer without a bucket list anyways? Whether it be the craziest thing you’ve ever done or something you’ve always wanted to accomplish, now is the time to do it. Take this break as time to work on yourself and enjoy your time off. With that said, here is our summer 2015 Bucket List:


1. Make your summer playlist

Pick out your new fave jams, grab the girls, and drive with the windows down.

2. Set work out goals

The college year is over and let’s all be completely honest, you aren’t in the same shape you were when school began. Have a clean start, set weekly goals, keep a food diary, and try a new workout! Ever heard of SoulCycle? I high recommend it. When you’ve achieved your goal you can post cool tumblr-esque photos on Instagram!


3. Road Trip

Nothing screams summer without a road trip! It doesn’t have to be far, just as long as you are expanding your horizons.

4. Buy a Polaroid camera and take photos.

Go old school and take a picture, the kind you have to shake. Make a summer album or stick them all over your room.


5. Go to a carnival!

Remember how much you used to love cotton candy nights and gazing to the edge of the horizon on top of the ferris wheel? Grab your friends (or your SO) and find a local carnival. The sweet smell of popcorn is calling your name!

6. Spend a whole day watching Disney movies.

Little Mermaid, Hercules, Lion King, and more! Make a list of your favorite childhood Disney movies, settle in on a rainy day, and relive every fantastical moment.


7. Join a book club.

Yes, summer is a time to work and earn money, but you’ll also find a good amount of free time on your hands. Why not join a book club? Take your book to the pool or beach and relax.


8. Save money.

After ending the school year with maybe $.29 in your bank account, you will be ecstatic to receive your first pay check and immediately spend it on new clothes, booze, etc. But WAIT! While summer is a time to go on adventures and try new things, it is also a time to save. Every paycheck, put aside some money for fun things and some aside to have extra so you never feel like you are getting low on money.


9. Stargaze and watch the sunrise.

Bring a blanket and something to rest your head on, drive out somewhere where there are no lights around, and watch as the sky illuminates above with the most beautiful stars you’ve ever seen. Pull an all-nighter and you’ll even catch the breathtaking sunrise.

10. Go to a concert or festival.

Summer is the season of concerts. Country, Classic Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, whatever your genre is, check out the local concert arenas in your area for upcoming shows, collaborate with the girls and make a night out of it! Nothing is better than singing at the top of your lungs while your favorite bands preform live.


11. Play in the rain.

That’s right! Play in the rain! Throw on your Hunters, grab an umbrella, go jump in some puddles and dance like a fool. If you are bold enough, nix the umbrella and embrace mother-nature.

12. Bonfire on the beach!

Mmm just picture it: a warm summer night, a large fire, your best friends, and endless s’mores. We can’t resist!


13. Skinny Dip!

No matter how you feel about your body, no one can see you at night! Make it a dare amongst your friends, strip down, and jump in!

14. Go to a drive in movie theater.

Regular movie theatres are so expensive these days and FREEZING with the AC blasting. Make your own popcorn, bring your own sweets, pack blankets, and lay in the back of your trunk while viewing a film! Don’t have a drive in near you? Do it in your neighborhood against someone’s house.


15. Go skydiving.

This activity is crazy, terrifying, and exhilarating all at once-- but it’s a must this summer. Live like you are dying and just go for it. Experience falling like you never have before.


16. Camp in your backyard.

No need to back pack in the woods. There’s no cable or wifi out there anyways. Set up a tent in the backyard and sleep under the stars. Extra plus: you don’t have to go searching for leaves if you need to use the restroom-- there’s Charmin Ultra inside.


17. Try a different restaurant once a week.

Feel like you stick to the same meals all the time? Branch out of your taste bud comfort zone and take a bite of something new each week.


18. Fall in love with yourself.

Every girl wants the classic summer romance, holding hands walking on the beach, crying when summer is over kind of fairy tale, but NEWS FLASH: that shit only happens in Nicholas Sparks’ books. Instead of desperately looking for that summer fling, focus on yourself! Do things for you, go crazy, have fun, and be the boss of your own life!

Now go enjoy your summer! Make sure to try some of the things on our list and even add some of your own ideas. Don’t forget to comment below and tell us how they went! We’re out for now gals, see you next year! 

Maggie Bortner is a junior at Sacred Heart University. She is a business marketing and fashion merchandising major, with a minor in French. She is a leading member in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, here on campus. She likes to spend her free time working out at the gym and spending hours online shopping.
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