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Study Abroad or Eat and Drink Abroad?

Studying abroad is the best experience a student can have during their college years. Aside from the “studying,” traveling every weekend, meeting new friends and adjusting to the culture are some of the many things expected to happen during one’s time abroad.

While traveling throughout Europe and getting lost in foreign cities, cool restaurants and outdoor markets can be found on almost every street corner. Eating and drinking is an experience in itself while being abroad. Many types of food and drinks will be tried once, twice or maybe even every day of the trip. 

1. Pizza in Rome, Italy


2. Gelato in Positano, Italy


3. Beer in Munich, Germany


4. Wine in Tuscany, Italy


5. Fish and Chips in London, United Kingdom


6. Trdelnik ‘Churro’ in Prague, Czech Republic


7. Crepe in Paris, France


8. Gyro in Corfu, Greece


9. Churros and Chocolate in Barcelona, Spain


10. Langos in Budapest, Hungary 


11. Pffertjes ‘Mini Pancakes’ in Amsterdam, Netherlands


12. Custard Tarts in Lisbon, Portugal


13. Aperol Spritz in Venice, Italy

Definitely save the Freshman 15 for being abroad. It is so worth every mouthwatering bite and sip.
Valentina De Santis, from Princeton, New Jersey, is a double major in Communication Studies and Media Arts, with a minor in Fashion Marketing. She spent her entire junior year of college studying abroad in Rome and managed to travel throughout 10 different countries. While abroad, she interned as a Fashion Journalist. Prior to her international experience, she also styled clothes for celebrities and models at Karla Otto and assisted with accessories at Cosmopolitan Magazine. Valentina continues to take on many important roles and will be graduating from Sacred Heart University in May of 2016.
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