The Struggles of Being Back at SHU

It’s been four months of not having to deal with the daily struggles we all know and hate but now that we’re back on campus; we’re forced to cope with them yet again.

1. Re-adjusting to the school work.

Shoutout to the professors that actually give work during syllabus week when you’re still trying to adjust to being back at school.

2. The whole parking situation.

Now that I’m a commuter and not on campus, going to class just got a whole lot more annoying. Having to get to campus a half hour before your class just to deal with world war 3 in the parking lot.


3. Being sick ALL the time.

Back to school also means back to not being able to breath out of your nose. Every year it’s the same thing, come back, get a little cold and end up sick the rest of the semester.

4. Those awkward run-ins.

We all have that person that it is just way too horrifying to say "hey" to. Back on our ~tiny~ campus means back to the daily awkward run-ins.


5. The slow Wi-Fi.

The struggle from going from your extremely-fast Wi-Fi at home; to the school wifi that literally takes hours to download ONE small thing, is too real.

6. Always being hungry (and never wanting to cook).

No more homemade cooked meals every day. Back to starving to death after eating your third mac and cheese of the day.

Well, as much as these things could get annoying; we’re all still happy to be back on campus!