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Spring Semester at SHU (& Why it’s The Best)

As the sun begins to emerge after a long winter, so do all us students from hibernation.  Spring semester may very well be the best time of the year because of all the ~good vibes~ the beautiful weather brings to campus.  SHU most definitely peaks during the last few weeks of the semester, and here’s why!

We take advantage of the warm weather.

Some schools get beautiful weather year-round.  Unfortunately, we don’t get that around here – not even remotely.  So when it finally breaks 70 degrees?  F**k it, let’s day drink on a Tuesday.

Not to mention, we’re 15 minutes from the ocean!  Not many schools can say that.  The beach (if you’d consider the LI Sound the beach) is the ideal place to go after class or on the weekend once the weather allows it.

Plus, everyone on campus actually hangs out and does homework outside on the hill by Merton, the quad, and 63’s patio.  It’s almost like a real school!  With sunshine brings socializing?

Hands down, better weather = better mood.  It’s like the whole student body is born again once spring rolls around.  No more not wanting to go out because there’s a blizzard outside!  

Even walking to class is no longer miserable.. it’s almost enjoyable. So as much as finals suck, plan accordingly so you can appreciate the beauty that is living on a college campus in the month of April, because it really is the most fun time of the school year.  

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Laura is a Communications Studies major with a concentration in Digital Marketing/PR.  Campus Correspondent at Sacred Heart, overly-involved, and always five minutes late with an iced coffee. 
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