Snow Day Essentials

Winter is all fun and games until after the first snowfall, then I am ready for spring. With subzero months still to come, here are some of my snow day essentials to stay extra cozy this winter!!

Floor Length Robe

A fuzzy robe is an absolute staple of mine especially in the winter. I love putting my robe on right after a hot shower because it keeps me sooooo cozy. It is also a snuggle essential for when you want to watch movies and there are no more blankets.


Card Games

These are especially important for when/if the power goes out! Card games are such a fun way to pass time with your friends whether you’re playing Cards against Humanity or LCF.


Fuzzy Blankets

Once again, I love everything fuzzy. You cannot go wrong with a fuzzy blanket… I have about 10 no exaggeration. If you don’t love being snuggled up in a blanket on the couch during a snow day then you’re a liar.

Hot Chocolate  

This may be the only thing that I drink in the winter!! It is the perfect drink for snow days hands down. All hot chocolates must be serves extra chocolatey with extra marshmallows and whipped cream.


My Friends!

Nothing is better than having all of the above PLUS being with your friends. My favorite snow days are the ones where I can enjoy the company of my favorite people and be all cozy on the couch.

Though winter is not my favorite season, snow days are still so much fun as long as I have my essentials!!